2020-21 Calendar of Events

8 Canskate/Power Program Assistant Training  
9 Registration Opens Online  
9, 10, 11 Early Bird Ice for Intermediate/Senior Figure Skaters  
? Photo Day  
12 No Skating - Thanksgiving Day STAT  
11 No Skating - Remembrance Day STAT  
23 Test Day for Figure Skaters - CANCELLED Duncan
18 Last day of skating before winter break  
21-Jan 1 No Skating - Winter Vacation  
4 Skating Starts  
23 Cowichan Valley Showcase - CANCELLED Duncan
4 Skate-a-Thon - Power Skaters - CANCELLED  
5 Skate-a-Thon - Canskate - CANCELLED  
5-7 Vancouver Island Regionals - POSTPONED Raquet Club
10 Skate-a-Thon - Figure Skaters - CANCELLED  
15 No Skating - Family Day STAT  
23 Test Day for Figure Skaters - CANCELLED Fuller Lake
4-6 Last Day of Skating  
8-25 Ice Show Rehearsal  
20 No Skating - Hockey Tournament  
26 Dress Rehearsal  
27 Ice Show - 2pm and 7pm Show - CANCELLED  
29-April 26 Skating in Lake Cowichan & Duncan for Int & Sr.  
9-11 VISI - Super Series VI Skate Parksville
22 Test Day for Figure Skaters Duncan
2 AGM/Awards Potluck St. Marys Parish
14-16 Super Series Victoria Day Surrey

2020-21 Season Award Recipients



Precan of the Year - Carter Pearson

Most Improved Precan  - Carter Pearson

Most Enthusiastic Precan of the Year - Isabelle Morencie


Canskater of the Year - Quinn Kopke

Most Improved Canskater (Boy) - Kesler Kopke

Most Improved Canskater (Girl) - Aria Neis

Sportsmanship - Lucas McLean




Pre-Junior Skater of the Year - Ella Stuart

Most Improved Pre-Junior - Danica Stuart

Sportsmanship  - Naomi Ferguson


Junior Skater of the Year  - Ella Donovan

Most Improved Junior - Caitlin Varcoe

Sportsmanship - Quinn Montgomery


Intermediate Skater of the Year - Daisy McNamara

Most Improved Intermediate - Liahni Ellis-Donald & Tea Searle

Sportsmanship - Addison Sharpe


Senior Skater of the Year - Sophie Dawe

Most Improved Senior - Lucy Street

Sportsmanship - Isabel Anderson


Dancer of the Year - Leah Brown




Pre-Power Skater of the Year - Gavin Plester & Cooper Smith

Most Improved Pre-Power - Carter Pearson & Marcus Russell

Sportsmanship - Austin Clark & Eli Torres-Hernandez


Junior Power Skater of the Year - Austin Russell (Boy) &

Jamie Mann (Girl)

Most Improved Junior Power - Chase Clark, Logan Mottishaw & Hank Olson

Sportsmanship - Raunik Vashisht


Senior Power Skater of the Year - Gabriel Wiebe (Boy) &

Jamie Mann (Girl)

Most Improved Senior Power - Austin Christian & Brayden Kerr

Sportsmanship - Grayson Challis





Program Assistant of the Year - Daisy McNamara & Aran Mills

Volunteer of the Year - Cassandra Taylor





1st Place - Daisy McNamara

2nd Place - Sophie Dawe

3rd Place - Brooklyn Puska

4th Place - Carter Pearson

5th Place - Gavin Plester





2020-2021 Competition Results

Cowichan Valley Showcase

January 23 Duncan, BC


Vancouver Island Interclub

Nov 15 - 17 Kerry Park



Vancouver Island Regionals

Feb 5-7 Port Alberni, BC


Vancouver Island - Super Series

April 9-11 (Online viewing)

Results to be posted


On September 22nd & 23rd our skaters took part in the Regions Skaters Development Seminar with Patrick Chan and Elizabeth Putnam in Parksville! The seminar was ran by grassroots development specialist, Coach Jean Leshures with special appearances by 3 time World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Patrick! There was 2 days of on and off ice instruction where our skaters learned many new tools and tricks for their sport. We are so fortunate to have these opportunities for our skaters. Everyone had an amazing time!




On September 23rd & 24th 2017, some of our skaters had the privilage of attending a Vancouver Island Development Seminar in Parskville with World Champion Elvis Stojko! Elvis, World Champion and two-time Olympic Silver Medalist was also joined by his wife, Mexican Champion, Gladys Orozco. 2 days of hard work and undoubtedly, lots of fun! Another amazing opportunity our skaters were able to partake in.


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