Dominic Turgeon, Head Coach

Dominic has close to 30 years of coaching history, having been an N.C.C.P. level 3 certified coach since 1995. Throughout those 30 years, he has consistently trained both competitive and recreational level skaters to a high standard of quality and discipline. A former Triple Gold and Junior competitive skater, Dominic was trained by three different World and Olympic level coaches, most notably Doug Leigh of the Mariposa School of Skating.


Cleve Shillingford, Club Coach, Powerskating, (250) 245-1415

Cleve Shillingford is a Skate Canada Power Skating Coach for the Fuller Lake Skating Club for over 10 years.  He has taught kids of all ages and levels.  His strength is in his ability to take kids that have difficulty skating and teach them to be effective skaters.  He believes kids need to have fun when they are learning new skills.  That keeps them coming back.  Cleve is also the 2nd Vice President in charge of skating and development for Cowichan Minor Hockey Association.   Many of his students have gone on to play competitive hockey.  The kids are evaluated at every level and are given a report card at the end of the season letting them know what they need to work on. Cleve uses his 42 years of playing hockey both at the recreational and competitive level to assist him in letting his students know when a taught skill should be used when playing hockey.  Cleve believes that being an effective skater not only makes the game more enjoyable but reduces the chance of the player being injured on the ice.


Lorraine Francisty, Club Coach

 Lorraine has over 40 years of coaching experience and is NCCP fully certified Level 3 & Partial Level 4, CEP: Gold Status. She completed her Gold Freeskate, Gold Dances, Bronze Rhythm Dance, Junior Competitive Dance, Novice Competitive Singles and Gold Skating Skills Class 1. Lorraine also has many years of experience coaching Synchronized Skating.


Kailee Bowman, Team Coach, Canskate Coordinator

Kailee has 10 years of professional coaching experience and has her Fitness Leadership Diploma and is NCCP Level 3 Certified. She completed her Diamond Dance, Gold Interpretive, Gold Skills, Junior Silver Freeskate, and Pre-Novice Competitive Dance Tests. Kailee specializes in coaching Singles, Dance, Skills, Interpretive, Choreography, and Special Olympics. Kailee was the Provincial Champion for Interpretive, former Provincial Competitor in Freeskate, Triathlon, Interpretive and Skills.


Cassandra Taylor, Team Coach, Canskate Coordinator

Cassandra has been a part of the Fuller Lake Skating Club Family for over 30 years, starting Canskate here at the age of 2 and continuing on now in her adult life. She has completed her Gold Freeskate, Pre Novice Competitive Singles, Gold Skills and is currently working on her Gold Dances. She currently holds a certificate as an Early Childhood Educator Assistant after completing the Health, Safety and Nutrition course through the Northern Lights Colege. She has a strong belief in Skate For Life and that anyone, no matter their age or ability, should be given the opportunity to experience this sport.



Club President

Luisa Shillingford (250) 245-1415


Vice President

Jennifer Torres-Hernandez


Coaches Reprisentative

Dominic Turgeon



Nicole Jensen



Pam Puska


Test & Registration

Cassandra Taylor



Dawn Searle



Celeste Paquet



Kristy Fink


Arena Boards

Danielle Pearson



1 - 2876 Fuller Lake Rd

Chemainus, BC

V0R 1K5


Telephone Luisa Shillingford @ 250-245-1415




For specific skating level inquiries or to arrange lessons, please contact Luisa and she will connect you with our coaches.

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